How it works:

  1. The Physical person (“Payer”) selects the operator of a mobile communication or the service provider (“Provider”) through the interface of the payment terminal to whom he is going to pay.
  2. The Payer dials on the touch screen of the terminal mobile phone number (or number of the contract with the service provider), choose payment method (cash or card) and inserts the banknotes into the terminal or pay by card. The terminal gives out to the Payer the cheque with payment requisites.
  3. The Payment system automatically checks presence of such number in base and sends to the Provider the message that confirms the accepted payment (except for the commission raised from the Payer).
  4. Provider's billing system updates the account of the payer, and he receives a confirmation message (SMS) no later than 1 minute after the payment.



The WAPS Company offers a wide range of equipment and software products to organize payment acceptance points, as well as new payment networks.


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