A convenient and widely accessible way of payment for goods and services may become a serious advantage in competitive conditions. The WAPS Company offers you a universal solution for payment acceptance – integration of your billing system with the WAPS payment service.

Due to the active growth of the WAPS agent network your customers will get an opportunity to pay for services at any time, as WAPS payment terminals are located in many places; one can find them in any trade center, super markets, mobile shops, offices, airports, in the streets, etc., in other words – in places with a lot of visitors. The WAPS agent network is introduced in Peru (Lima), Columbia (Bogota), Vietnam, on Philippines, in Russia, as well as it is being actively developed in South-East Asia, Eastern Europe, Latin America.

Many leading providers use a modern, convenient and acceptable method of service payments; they have managed to see the value of undoubted marketing advantages of this service, as well as its reliability, value of the customers support service and simplicity of connection to the payment system.

To start the service your company needs to conclude an agreement with the WAPS on acceptance of payments and integrate WAPS with your billing system (all maintenance and technical issues are a responsibility of our team).

Advantages of cooperation with WAPS:

- Your customers will get an opportunity to pay for your services fast and safe;

- A safe protection of your company’s data and customers;

- Fast solutions on payments transfer by our support service 24/24;

- One contract with WAPS enables you to provide your services in all network terminals in Vietnam or even worldwide;

The cooperation variant means creation of a gateway that functions live and integrates your billing system and the WAPS. This solution enables to conduct subscribers’ personal accounts replenishment on-line.

Gateways maintenance may be conducted through a protocol worked out by our Company especially for integration with billing systems of service Providers.

Lack of the billing system is not an obstacle for cooperating with the WAPS. If the Provider lacks the billing system, the WAPS specialists will connect it on a base of technical and program resources of the Company providing all the tools and mechanisms needed for this cooperation.

You can learn more about WAPS, its opportunities and ways of connection from our presentation.