Payment Acceptance Terminals Market: Perspectives of Development

Advantages of the instant service payments have already been evaluated by many providers oriented on the active advancement of its services and ultimate methods of mass advertising. The payment acceptance terminals market in Vietnam and all over the world actively develops; every single day the WAPS agent payment network grows bigger, which results in popularity of payments acceptance via terminals. Hence, popularity growth leads to the dealer’s potential profit growth. One doesn’t need to launch a new product at the market, it is rather popular; one doesn’t need to find customers because customers themselves look for the nearest WAPS terminal. The main dealer’s objective is to find a profitable place to install a terminal, in places with a lot of visitors, who may be potential customers of this service. Though this last factor has lately become less important for the WAPS terminals are being widely used by customers of all ages and social groups.

Payment Acceptance Terminals

The WAPS product range includes various models of terminals, which enables to choose a right variant to be installed in a particular place. It may be either a conventional floor-mounted payment terminal or an automated device with integration of an advertisement light box or a monitor, as well as a suspended model, street terminal or a terminal with a cabin.

A List of Documents to Get Connected to WAPS (payment system)

For legal bodies, residents of Vietnam:

  • Copies of constituent documents (charter, foundation agreement, protocol of the meeting of founding parties);
  • Copy of the State Registration Certificate