Placement of ads in the terminals’ interface or showing of advertising information on special advertising monitors that many terminals have, gives a wide range of opportunities to providers for appealing to their customers directly during a payment period; they may inform their customers about various advertising campaigns, new services and offers. Ads in terminal networks will help to attract new customers and save the old ones, increase the customers’ loyalty and the company’s sales.

Ads in the WAPS payment network is able to increase sales of your services. Besides using the opportunities of the terminal monitor and an additional ads monitor, you may use the potential of the terminal with a help of print media materials, as well as special advertising constructions at the street terminals and terminal cabins.

We offer to use the opportunities of the WAPS terminal network to popularize your services and ready-to-use solutions for the terminals improvement. You may advertise your services that will allow to increase the number of your customers.

WAPS offers you placing your ads at our terminals network, which is a perfect opportunity to grab the large WAPS audience attention to your goods and services.

You may learn more about types and methods of advertising asking our advertising managers.