WAPS "World Automatic Payment System"

WAPS Company is a leading provider of universal technology solutions to organize payment collection spots. The company is also involved into terminals manufacturing and sales, developing software, and additional modules designing and manufacturing. WAPS is a leader of the Russian electronic payment systems market and is oriented on further worldwide expansion. The Company’s strategy for the next years includes developing modern payment terminals network in South-East Asia, Eastern Europe, and Latin America.

WAPS technologies allow customers of our partner providers to conduct safe, instant and convenient payments for the services of mobile operators, Internet providers, commercial TV, and VoIP. The Company’s mission is to make payments available any time in any part of the globe.

Payment terminals based on sensor technologies have firmly entered our life. Today, WAPS technology solutions are widely used all over the world. Our Company was founded in 2004, when we launched payment terminals production and started to develop processing software to integrate providers’ billing systems. By the present moment the Company has significantly increased the sales volume having moved from 1500 items to dozens of thousands monthly.

Today, the processing software and WAPS terminals are a famous product applied by leading world terminal networks. The terminal range includes a significant number of models oriented on the optimal market demands satisfaction.

Use of WAPS terminals allows our partner providers to increase the number of payment collection spots significantly, to make the payment services instant, convenient and safe 24/24. Commercials’ placement is available as well.

WAPS Company provides a full range of services in the sphere of providing terminal networks, including manufacturing a variety of terminals, developing all kinds of software applied in terminal business, organizing terminals connection to the private payment system, and advising on any business issues.